Friday, December 24, 2010

Fuck me Friday: Sexting Nostalgia

A Christmas present from the collaborative sexting efforts of Gabby + Kevin.


Gabby: If I was to come to your office to be spanked and fucked.....what would I wear? 10:41 AM
Kevin: That sounds great, I'll fly it by her, but I doubt she'd mind letting you break in my desk. There are plenty of games we could get up to in here; it was a draftsman’s office, so there are still plenty of rulers and squares laying around 10:45 AM
Kevin: (Sorry, invoicing issue popped up.) You'd wear a short pleated skirt, stockings, a tight fitting button down shirt, and nothing else 10:47 AM
Gabby: That can be arranged. Thigh highs? 10:48 AM
Kevin: Definitely. 10:49 AM
Gabby: Is there a reason I'm going to be coming to your office to get spanked? 10:54 AM
Kevin: You would come in and pull the door closed. You would try to sit down on my desk, and knock files over in the process. Then you would need to be punished 10:55 AM
Gabby: Clumsy me ;) 10:59 AM
Gabby: I'd apologize. Looking flustered I would try to gather the files until you told me to stop and just bend over the desk. 11:09 AM
Kevin: Would you like a hand or a ruler? 11:09 AM
Gabby: You'd start to warm me up with your hand, my short skirt offering very little protection. 11:10 AM
Kevin: I'd pull your skirt up, to give myself, and anyone walking by my window, a better view of your bare, hand printed ass 11:13 AM
Gabby: You'd continue spanking me until my ass had a rosy glow. You stop and I go to get up. You order me to get back over the table because you weren't done yet. 11:16 AM
Gabby: You rub my ass with your hands, slipping between my legs to feel the growing wetness. 11:19 AM
Kevin: I grab a wooden ruler off of the desk. Using my left hand on the small of your back to keep you from moving, I start to use the ruler on you, lightly at first, and moving on to sharper, swifter slaps 11:33 AM
Gabby: The stinging sensations have me drawing in quick breaths. The harder swats leave lines on my ass that fade and then reappear with each stroke. 11:36 AM
Kevin: (Sorry about that, boss and now lunch. We can pick back up in a little while after I get back to the office. I'm looking forward to your lunchtime photo surprise :)) 12:16 PM
Gabby: You stop delivering blows to caress my reddening ass and then tell me to count the remaining strokes. 12:18 PM 

Lunchtime Photo Surprise ;)

Gabby: Sounds good ;) 12:19 PM
Gabby: I'm back :) And I would prefer to continue talking using gvoice, if you don't mind. I leave at 5 to go to the BMA. I'm excited! 3:11 PM
Kevin: Sounds good, send me a message when you're on :) 3:15 PM
Gabby: oh....I'm on :) 3:17 PM
Kevin: Cool. Sorry about disappearing for a bit, my boss was going off on a technology rant. How was your lunch with Andrew? 3:26 PM
Gabby: It was a nice break from the office. We went to this sushi place in XXXX. We also poked in a sex store, but nothing caught my interest. 3:33 PM
Kevin: We'll have to do a group toy or lingerie shopping expedition at some point :) 3:34 PM
Gabby: That could be fun :) 3:39 PM
Kevin: There are a few places in/around XXXXX, so that's definitely doable at some point. Did you want to pick up where we left off earlier? 3:44 PM
Gabby: I left the last line.....continue on. 3:45 PM
Kevin: After counting out the blows, each slightly sharper than the one before, I stop at 20. I deliver one last uncounted, unanticipated blow with my hand, rougher and harder than all the others, before letting you turn around and rest your red and sore ass on my cool, smooth desk. 3:49 PM
Gabby: My hands reach back to massage my tender ass. I tell you that I'm sorry and I'll try to be less clumsy next time. I drop to my knees and look up at you, asking "Can I thank you?" 3:52 PM
Gabby: I take your length into my hands and begin stroking it, licking the tip and swirling my tongue around the head before taking it into my mouth. 4:01 PM
Kevin: I take my hand and brush it out of your face, gently, and then slide it to the back of your head, grabbing your hair a bit roughly, and then use it to force you to take more with each stroke 4:06 PM
Gabby: I gag a bit on your length as you force me to bury my nose into your body, taking the entire length. Still holding onto my hair you pull me back and up, roughly ordering me to resume my position. This time for other reasons. 4:08 PM
Gabby: You flip my skirt back up and grab my hips. 4:11 PM
Kevin: Using my left hand to push you down onto my desk, I spread your legs with my right, and take a kneeling position behind you. I let go of you for a moment to make you aware of your exposure and vulnerability before grabbing your hips and burying my face roughly into your wetness 4:12 PM
Gabby: I moan and thrash a bit at the onslaught of your tongue. Your right hand slaps my ass once, reminding me who’s in charge. I arch my back with pleasure as your tongue works my clit. 4:17 PM
Gabby: You take a finger a press it inside, filling my primal need. 4:17 PM
Kevin: I add a second finger inside of you, massaging your clit with my thumb at the same time. As you approach the brink of orgasm, I stop abruptly, and give you a swift smack with the ruler, before flipping you onto your back 4:20 PM
Gabby: (if you only knew that when I'm on the edge and you smack me I can cum) 4:22 PM
Kevin: Ah, sorry. But definitely good to know for the weekend ;) 4:23 PM
Gabby: I moan in desperation and look at you. I spread my legs, inviting you into me. You don't make a move yet, scanning my wet pussy, plaid skirt and white shirt with your eyes. 4:24 PM
Gabby: You tell me to unbutton my shirt and then put my hands behind my head. 4:25 PM
Gabby: (and I'm wet by the way. A little 4:29 PM
Kevin: I watch you undo your shirt, and then ask you to hand it to me. After a few quick twists, I wrap the sleeves around your upraised wrists, and tie a crude knot 4:29 PM
Gabby: I test the knot's resistance as I struggle briefly. 4:33 PM
Gabby: You grab my tits roughly and began to thumb my harden nipples. Your dominance and touch has me so turned on as I lay exposed to you. 4:34 PM
Kevin: Satisfied that you aren't going anywhere, and admiring your pert nipples, I reposition myself between your legs, and use both of my hands to bring you t 4:35 PM
Kevin: o the brink yet again, before stopping and uttering a single word, "beg." 4:35 PM
Gabby: I whimper and ask you, "Can I cum?" You look at me and repeat your single command, "Beg." 4:39 PM
Gabby: My urgency increases as I moan and cry out, "Please sir. Please let me cum. I'll be good. Please may I cum." 4:43 PM
Kevin: Without verbally answering you, I grab your side roughly with one hand, and use the other to guide myself into you. You attempt to use your bound hands 4:52 PM
Kevin: to pull me in deeper, but I bat them away, and then hold them above your head as I begin to slowly fuck you 4:52 PM
Kevin: (just as a warning, Melissa should be here in about 5 min, and then I'll be sitting in traffic for 45 or so) 4:59 PM
Gabby: (fuck....I'm really wet. And I have to finish this shit for work and leave) I moan as your dick slides into my wet pussy. You switch to holding my arms up with just your left hand as your right hand grasps my nipple and begins to twist it. 5:05 PM
Kevin: (and we'll finish later.....literally) 5:06 PM
Kevin: We're home :) 5:52 PM
Kevin: I pause deep inside of you to devote my attention to your aching nipples, rolling them between my fingers before tugging on them roughly and beginning to fuck you again 7:31 PM
Gabby: (Stay on this number. It stores it on my comp and I can send you the packaged story) 7:34 PM
Kevin: (will do) 7:35 PM
Gabby: This sends me over the edge and I cry out "Please, please....ppp-lease let me.....ahhh" I'm cumming and my vagina walls begin to pulsate around you 7:35 PM
Gabby: You stop fucking me. "I never said you could cum yet." I moan as you pull out. You grab my hips and pull me off the desk in order to roughly turn me around and bend me over the desk again. 7:37 PM
Gabby: You grab my hair with your left hand and thrust back inside me. Leaving your right hand free to spank and tease me. 7:40 PM
Kevin: I untie your hands and retie them behind your back, leaving your tits and face resting on the cold of the desk. Placing one hand on your inner thigh, I ask, "What should we do with you now?" 7:41 PM
Gabby: I whimper an, "I'm sorry....please sir." You're holding still with your cock inside me as I lay now untied on the table. You ask what I want, but my mind is a fog from my orgasm still vibrating my body. 7:44 PM
Gabby: Wait...I'm still tied. Just kidding. You're turn ;) 7:48 PM
Kevin: (Pumping gas real quick, anticipation is always fun.) 7:48 PM
Me: (Pssssh. I'm taking notes on my droid amidst a bunch of male strangers at this lecture. If only they knew....) 7:50 PM
Kevin: I begin to roughly fuck you, using your hair for leverage, before switching to slowly clawing down your back 7:57 PM
Kevin: (by the way, its super hot to think about you reading and writing all of this, surrounded by completely oblivious strangers) 8:00 PM
Gabby: (Hehe. I'm wet. And dammit I'm closer to you guys, but I need to go fuck the shit out of Andrew tonight ;) 8:01 PM
Kevin: (sounds like he's in for a wild ride tonight ;) ) 8:05 PM
Gabby: When your drag your nails down my back and reach the top of my ass you slap my ass, thrusting inside deeper to the rhythm. You continue this cycle as you build your orgasm. I moan under the work of your hands. 8:07 PM
Kevin: I move towards slower, but deeper thrusts as I get closer to finishing. I loosen the shirt from around your wrists, freeing your hands, and encourage you to wrap your legs around me by pulling up on your thighs 8:19 PM
Gabby: I follow your body language and wrap my legs around your waist, urging you inside me. 9:07 PM
Gabby: (I was talking to the boss. And just dropped her home) 9:07 PM
Gabby: I arch my back and then sit up so I caress your chest and play with your nipples. 9:11 PM
Kevin: Unfortunately, it's bedtime for Melissa and I. What time did you want to meet up tomorrow morning? We can finish our little story at work tomorrow :) 9:16 PM
Gabby: Nice. 10? 9:24 PM
Gabby: So I say 10 and I mean 10:30.... 9:25 PM
Kevin: 10:30 works for me :) I'm looking forward to it. Hope you have a great night with Andrew! 9:49 PM
Gabby: Will do ;) 9:58 PM


Kevin: As you play with my nipples, I pull your hair, arching your neck back. My thrusts into you become more rapid, increasing along with your shorter, quicker breaths. 1:57 PM
Gabby: (back in the office and done the formalities of debriefing) 2:30 PM
Gabby: My quick breaths are accompanied by sharp sounds of pleasure as you thrust inside me. My legs squeeze around your waist, urging you deeply inside. 2:35 PM
Kevin: Noticing your moans and breathing, I pull you up onto your feet, and take a seat on my chair. I instruct you to face away from me, and to lower yourself onto my cock 2:47 PM
Gabby: You guide my hips so that your cock meets, and slips into my wet sex. I moan once again at the full feeling of my pussy and begin to rhythmically fuck you, unable to read your face as I grab the arms of the chair for leverage. 3:00 PM
Gabby: Again I arch my body and you reach around to play with my nipples as I move, your hips meeting my ass. 3:22 PM
Gabby: (slacker....) 3:43 PM
Gabby: (I would just like to let you know that this scene we're writing will be reenacted this evening at my house. Thank you for the inspiration. And then we'll be free to do it as well in the future.) 3:50 PM
Kevin: (Sorry about all of that, my boss went off on a 'women's work/men's work' rant, and I made the mistake of arguing with him. These things happen when you marry a XXXX major. And I'm glad that our little story we be getting put to good use :) 4:11 PM
Kevin: I guide you up and down with one hand, as I reach around to play with your clit with the other, and ask, "Do you want to?" 4:13 PM
Gabby: "Yes please sir," I gasp as I ride you harder, pushing over into my orgasm, squeezing on your hard cock. I still myself as the waves of pleasure wash over my body and as the blood leaves my head, I lean back into you. 4:16 PM
Kevin: After allowing you a few moments of rest, I gently push you up and onto your feet, and turn you to face me, encouraging you to join me face-to-face in my chair 4:19 PM
Gabby: I lean towards you, aware of a slight change in dynamic since I'm now free, aroused and looking at your body (which we never discussed how it became naked). 4:35 PM
Gabby: I straddle your cock and begin to rock on top of you, more gently than before, building speed as I explore your collar bone and neck with my lips and tongue, trying to taste you and get more of you inside me. 4:35 PM
Kevin: I pull you face towards my own, before lifting you off of me, and pushing you to your knees, and, looking down at you, I say, "Finish the job." 4:41 PM
Gabby: I take your cock in my mouth, happily licking it to its base (and the bar is open downstairs and I'm being dragged away....) brb 4:46 PM
Kevin: (have fun :) ) 4:47 PM
Kevin: I lean back slightly, and let you work your mouth and tongue over my body. After a while, I place my hand in your hair, simply following your motions at first, and then guiding them with a slight pressure on the back of your head 7:16 PM


Gabby: Andrew took a picture of my ass last night and just sent it to me....its pretty pink :) 4:14 PM
Kevin: I'd love to see it :) 4:20 PM
Gabby: It was taken towards the end of our session. Enjoy ;) 4:29 PM 

 Gabby's Pink Bottom
Gabby: You were last so my turn :) 3:55 PM
Gabby: I pull back and lube up a finger with my saliva and then return to sucking your dick. As my finger finds your anus and begins to trace circles around it opening, the pressure on the back of my head increases yet again, urging me on. 4:50 PM
Gabby: GLEEEEEEEEE is rocky horror picture show tribute. I'm only a little excited. 8:19 PM
Kevin: Just finished dinner, and now I'm starting to unwind :) How was glee? 9:06 PM
Gabby: Awesome! I just put in dinner for tomorrow. 9:27 PM
Gabby: I'll have it cooked so Andrew can't complain as much when I don't get home on time. Lol. 9:28 PM
Kevin: Nice, what are you cooking up? 9:28 PM
Gabby: Pineapple chipotle chicken in a casserole with rice and chopped peppers. 9:29 PM
Kevin: Sounds tasty. Pineapple and chicken is always a good combo 9:34 PM
Gabby: Absolutely :) 9:35 PM
Gabby: So I get no response from my restart of the story? 10:18 PM
Kevin: Sorry, things got hectic with work, then I was driving, and then with my mom. Bit of a busier evening than normal, I'll pick up from where you left off in the morning at work :) 10:20 PM
Gabby: TEASE! 10:29 PM
Kevin: :P we're sacking out now. I get up pretty early, so you may wake up to some more of the story 10:31 PM
Gabby: That would be a very pleasant way to wake up :) 10:36 PM 
Gabby: Its okay. I had a crazy morning already anyway. I can do an afternoon story time :) 11:31 AM
Kevin: Sounds good, I'll send you my next bit after lunch :) 11:38 AM
Gabby: Sounds like a good lunch :) 12:04 PM
Kevin: I take firmer hold of your hair, and guide your mouth further and more forcefully down my length, as you continue to explore with your hands 12:47 PM
Gabby: I bob my head up and down, restricted by your hold on my hair. I gently insert my index finger into your anus, moving it in rhythm with my mouth on your cock combined with a "come hither" motion. 1:41 PM
Kevin: After enjoying your oral talents, and the stimulation from your finger, I use the hand on the back of your head to guide your mouth off of my cock, and your body into a standing position. After a brief kiss, I bend you once again over my desk, and hold your hands together behind your back. After one firm smack on your already tender ask, I lean over and ask you, "where do you want me to come?" 5:03 PM
Gabby: "On my ass," I respond between moans from your cock driving in me. 8:33 PM
Kevin: I grab a handful of your hair for leverage, and continue to thrust into you. With my free hand, I give your ass a playful squeeze, before starting to spank you lightly. 8:49 PM
Gabby: I continue moving and moaning in pleasure and ask,"Harder...please?" The request is filled with need. A need to be punished and dominated. 8:51 PM
Kevin: "Since you asked nicely," I respond, a bit deviously. I increase the speed of my thrusts, and the force and frequency of the slaps to your ass 9:01 PM
GabbyI feel vulnerable in my bent positioning, but it just increases my arousal to allow myself both pleasure and pain at your discretion. The sounds of your body and your hand connecting with mine in combination with. The friction of the table on my clit, I feel close to yet another orgasm. "Please sir-" audible need. 9:08 PM
Kevin: I release your hair, and slide my hand down your back, and around to take hold of one of your nipple, rolling it roughly between my fingers. Hearing the need in your voice, I start to fuck and spank you rougher, but do not give you the permission to come that you so desire, and instead issue a simple, one-word command: "beg" 4:10 PM
Gabby: I immediately plead for my release, "Please sir, please! I'll be a good girl. P-p-please I need to cum." I'm squirming and moaning and I need to here you say I can. 4:44 PM
Gabby: I'm on the edge and your dominate command will send me over. 4:48 PM
Kevin: I release your nipple, and grab onto your side for leverage. After a few more swift spanks, I slide you away from the edge of the table slightly, still allowing you to rest your face and shoulders on its cold surface, and giving me access to your clit. I reach around you to tease you clit, lean in, and whisper, firmly, "you may come" 4:53 PM
Gabby: My whole body is on alert and my orgasm crashes through me. "Ahh...mmmm.." As my body continues to pulse in pleasure I let out a softer moan accompanied by," Thank you sir." You continue to pump inside me as your orgasm draws near. 5:17 PM
Kevin: I divert my attention from your clit, and grab onto your hips, focusing on my own pleasure as you recover from your orgasm, and build up speed as my own orgasm approaches. Passing the point of no return, I pull out and come on your ass and the small of your back. I then retake my seat, and direct you to get on your hands and knees, and clean up 5:42 PM
Gabby: I kiss the insides of your thighs and begin to lick up around your balls and softening cock, gently swirling my tongue around your shaft. I take its entirety into my mouth to clean off your cum, happily Mmm-img as I clean up the mess I made. 6:53 PM