Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Weekends and other Ramblings

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First off I'd like to direct people that read our blog to check out Kevin + Melissa's blog because they are awesome and post a different perspective on what we're doing (usually naked). The latest blog post by Kevin is a bit of a rambling discussion of some of our full swap time and his growing interest in spanking. What's fun with that swinging play date was Kevin used ropes to tie me up and take advantage of my immobility. I unashamedly do not mind converting him to enjoying spanking me, although his attempts thus far have been mild. We'll see how that evolves!

Andrew's Birthday Weekend

I just wanted to pop in a post a hello before bed. This past weekend we celebrated Andrew's birthday with a variety of events including dinner with the family, a party with the friends (with a few too many jello shots), blow jobs, sex, spanking, group play, watching the UFC championship fight and more sex.


I'll briefly (although I'm never really brief) recall one of the more experimental parts of the weekend- Andrew's Birthday Wish (I may give a more elaborate post on Kevin+Melissa's blog). Kevin and Melissa had planned to come over on Saturday evening to hang out and provide their sexy selves as a birthday offering. With that in mind, I asked Andrew what he really wanted for his birthday from the group of us. His reply? He wanted to be tied down, blindfolded and pleasured by all of us.

After dinner, Kevin and Melissa were informed of the plan and were more than happy to grant his wish. We own some sweet under-the-bed restraints, so after getting those in place, strapping Andrew down and tying a blindfold around his eyes, I invited our guests to join me in the bedroom. Kevin lit some candles and I set out some toys to use if we felt inclined to do so. The three of us disrobed and I giggled as I realized my husband was tied down and unable to do anything. Andrew said he didn't like the sound of that and I told him it was too bad, as I grabbed a candle off the bedstand and dripped some wax on his chest. Caught by surprised he shouted out some obscenities and the three of us just laughed. I promised we'd play nicer and I replaced the candle.

I made the first move and went down on Andrew, sucking on his cock to get it hard. I motioned for Melissa to begin kissing my husband, knowing that one of his greatest pleasures comes from that feeling of two women pleasuring him. Kevin stood behind his wife and played with her pussy as she continued kissing Andrew. After a while I moved up to licking and sucking on his nipple and Kevin's mouth replaced mine on Andrew's now erect cock.

I moved below Kevin's mouth and licked and sucked on Andrew's balls, sometimes darting a few kisses at the base of his cock. Meanwhile, Andrew lay in ecstasy at being the center of attention. I quietly directed Melissa to assist me in sucking and kissing Andrew's rigid member, while Kevin situated himself next to Andrew's unoccupied mouth. After understanding that we wanted him to suck Kevin's cock for awhile, Andrew took it in his mouth and begin sucking on it as best he could without the assistance of his hands. Regardless of the awkward positioning, I could tell he enjoyed this situation because his arousal grew at being forced to suck Kevin's cock. Unfortunately, Kevin couldn't find a comfortable position so we abandoned continuing that configuration for any length of time and I replaced Kevin's cock with Melissa's pussy.

Andrew loves giving oral and he greedily began licking and sucking as Melissa sat on his face. I positioned myself on his dick and sank down. Kevin began making out with his wife as I rode Andrew's hard cock. The whole scenario was arousing, but most importantly Andrew was on cloud nine as he was being dominated by two pussies, immobilized by bed restraints and unable to see clearly what was occurring.

I continued riding on his dick, enjoying watching Kevin and Melissa kiss as Andrew licked on her pussy. Andrew's body tensed up beneath me and he filled my pussy with his orgasm. He told me later that when he came it was amazing, yet painful because he was trying to hold off in order to enjoy it longer.

After his finish, even though he has this superpower of staying hard through multiple orgasms, I redirected everyone to dress and reposition ourselves in the living room so we could watch the UFC championship, which was Andrew's other birthday wish. He was torn because he didn't want to stop, but he didn't want to miss the fight. Knowing that we'd be able to explore this scenario again, we moved to the living room to enjoy each other's company, a few drinks and some testosterone infused men beating the piss out of each other.

Thank you Melissa + Kevin for everything, especially for granting Andrew's birthday wish and for not torturing me when I passed out on the floor while we all watched a movie later that night.


And in closing I wanted to show a very sweet picture of my pink ass taken about an hour ago. I rode on top of Andrew gripping the head board to get leverage as he thrusted upwards inside of my wet pussy. I begged him to spank me, and he complied. First with his hand, making me count and thank him as I continued to ride his dick. Then he pulled out the paddle (seen in my hand in the picture) and continued spanking me. He stopped spanking my ass so he could roll my nipples in his fingers, twisting and teasing as I found myself growing closer to an epic orgasm.

We locked eyes and I asked him to "Spank it out of me," which indicates my need for him to spank me to push me over the edge, thus spanking out my orgasm. After the first blow I could feel myself about to cum and I ask him, "May I cum please?" He readily gives me permission as he lands another blow on my right cheek and I begin pulsating around his dick, my body succumbing to the pleasure. He follows my orgasm and we lay in post ecstasy for a few moments before I get up and tidy ourselves up, followed by a nice little picture taking. Enjoy :)

I'll have to get some sexy pictures of some of our group play, minus the faces and other distinguishing features since we chose to post with some anonymity. We'll see if that can happen. Good night and happy Monday!