Friday, October 29, 2010

Fuck Me Friday: Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday our work hosted a very large reopening party that I organized (for the most part). It was very successful and my boss was so happy that I got the day off from work. After sleeping in and enjoying the comfort of my bed I woke up and began texting Andrew, who wasn't able to also lounge in bed with me all day. Someone had to work. What started as some simple sexting with my husband while he was at work resulted in him telling his boss he had a doctor's appointment and must leave early.

In the spirit of things I am now wearing a lab coat accompanied by some sexy white lingerie and black boots. Its a bit of Halloween costume dress-up early. This "doctors" appointment is going to be a lot of fun/ I promise to post about our exploits later, but for now enjoy a sneak peak at the get-up.

And I think I'm starting a new tradition with "Fuck me Friday." We'll see how that goes and if I can get a bandwagon going ;)


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