Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

As a special Halloween treat I'll retell my adventures from Friday afternoon.

I waited anxiously for Andrew to return home since he had decided to cut out of work and start the weekend early after falsely telling his boss he had a doctor's appointment. I had been sending him sexy text messages and pictures for most of the morning and afternoon, which provided the encouragement for leaving early. 

While waiting I accomplished other things around the house that needed to be attended to, but I was doing them naked. Its a guilty pleasure to shut most of the blinds and clean, do laundry and finish the dishes without any clothes on. I feel feminine and sexy as I complete domestic duties in my birthday suit. I loaded and unloaded the dishes and washed our bed sheets. After taking the sheets off I laid out some of my favorite spanking toys and snapped a picture to share as a bit of show and tell. 

The paddle ball paddle on the left is great for a nice stinging sensation when swung partial strength and a good thud if the spanker applies follow through. Its also large enough that the edges don't catch your ass (which bites). The ping pong paddle is my FAVORITE! Andrew peeled off the padding on the reverse side so I can get two different stingy sensations. I'm definitely into stinging over thuddy toys as you can see from the display of my favorites. The lovely heart slapper was a present Andrew got for me when we first started dating and exploring spanking. It makes a lovely sound since its leather, but its not a brutal toy, perfect for play and OTK spanking. The wooden spoon is a sharp sting concentrated in one little spot. If Andrew wants to make an impression he'll hit me in the same spot a few times with that and I get the point!

These are a few of my favorite things (Julie Andrews and I don't have quite the same taste)

An hour before Andrew was set to be home I showered and did my hair so it was down and curly. I put on a bit of mascara and lip gloss. Andrew prefers natural beauty anyway and not an excessive amount of "war paint." I covered my body in some Black Amethyst body lotion from Bath & Body Works. It has the loveliest fragrance and leaves my skin soft. I pulled out a set of white lingerie, which included a white g-string and a sheer, lacy, skin tight, long camisole. I put on a lab coat I had in the closet from a past Halloween costume to get into my "doctor" role since Andrew had said he had an appointment and I even stuck a pen in the pocket for a bit of authenticity. I couldn't find a clipboard around for a prop medical chart, but I decided we could do without. I paired this combination with knee high black boots.

And now all I had to do was wait.

When Andrew pulled into the driveway I could hear the metal music blaring out of his speakers announcing his arrival. My heart beat a little faster at the anticipation of having some sexy afternoon tryst in my outfit. I waited in the kitchen for Andrew to come in. He had stopped to pick up lunch, but after walking in and taking a look over my ensemble, he sat the tacos down and decided he was ready for his check-up right then. 

I led him to the "examining" room (our bedroom with the sheets stripped off the bed). And told him to undress for his full body exam. Undressed, he laid down on the bed and let me begin to examine his body with my mouth, scattering kisses down his torso and legs. I instructed him to tell me where it hurt. When I reached his erect cock he responded, "That's where the pain is coming from. Can you relieve it?"

"I think I know just the medicine for that," I replied, taking his cock into my mouth as I begin giving my patient a thorough blow job. After a while I stop to ask him, "Is it feeling better?"

"Mostly, but there's still some pain."

"I'll have to up the medical dosage," I say with a grin, sliding my g-string off and dropping my coat to the ground. I straddle his body still wearing my boots and camisole.I begin riding Andrew with enthusiasm, turned on by our roleplay, which would rival the dialogue of a bad porno. Regardless, we enjoy our cheesy dialogue and our whispered "I love yous" as we fuck. He comes inside me with and we kiss, enjoying the mutual pleasure. I grab a warm washcloth and clean off my patient tenderly. Andrew gets up, ready to eat some lunch before a second round, but realizes I set out the paddles, strap and spoon for a reason. 

I look at him and say he now has to pay is copay. Andrew asks how much and I reply, "100 spanks." 

"That's a bit high isn't it?" He asks with some amusement. I usually don't asked for long spankings when I'm playing sexually, but after arousing both of us with naughty texts and watching some porn while cleaning, I was ready for a good red butt. I mentioned something about not having adequate insurance before putting two pillows on the edge of the bed and laying over them, putting my ass in a perfect position for a good bottom warming.

Andrew started with the wooden spoon, striking my ass sharply and quickly. Without a warm-up and with the intent of this being a pleasurable spanking, I wasn't ready for the sharply focused sting of the wooden spoon as I counted to 20, wiggling and kicking. I asked Andrew to slow his tempo down so I could enjoy the crescendo of each spank before he delivered the next. He complied, picking up the leather slapper and delivering 20 sweet blows to my ass, alternating left and right.

Andrew laid down the slapper and picked up the larger paddle, striking with a bit more force until my count was up to 50. He paused to rub my bottom and put down the paddle, inserting himself into my wet pussy without me moving my position. I braced myself by grabbing the edge of the bed and meeting his thrusts. We enjoyed this mutual pleasure, but not to any finish. Then he picked up the ping pong paddle and began smacking my ass again. I counted each sharp sting as the paddle found my right then my left cheek. Sometimes he would repeat a spot to build up the pain in that spot before moving on when I begin to cry out. At one point in time he angled the paddle wrong and the edge bit into my flesh, causing me to scold him. Since Andrew knows I enjoy the paddle he gave the remaining 50 spanks with it.

After his payment was complete and my bottom a nice rosy pink I had him snap a picture to commemorate. Happy Halloween!