Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wanton Wednesday: Nipple Jewelry

After being sick off an on for the past week I finally checked out my blog. I want to thank Chross for highlighting my Trick or Treat post as one of his spankings of the week!

On a different note, Happy Hump Day! and Wanton Wednesday! I tell people that one of my favorite feelings is clean. After a day outside working and sweating, or a hard fought athletic game, or just after a stressful day its nice to let the hot water beat down on your body and rejuvenate you. Andrew happily complied when I asked him to take a shot of my nipples after I got out of the shower. Its nice to be clean and naked and ready to be frisky. If you like my piercings you should check out Melissa's....they're brand new and just lovely! And she's coming over tomorrow for some girl time so be prepared for a fantastic HNT post ;)

Be sure to drop by WW and check out all the sexy posts via the blog comments!