Monday, October 18, 2010

10 Things About Gabby

I figured I'd start off the week by providing some more information about me. My husband will also be providing some fun facts about himself later this week.

10 Things about Me

1. I love to be spanked. Its my biggest turn on and it makes me really wet. Paddles, slappers, crops, hairbrush, rods, belts, miscellaneous household items and of course a nice, strong hand.
2. I am naturally dominant. I can take charge in the bedroom and let you know what I want.
3. I love playing submissive roles in the bedroom. It's very sexy to let go of my natural need for control.
4. I love giving a good blow/rim job. Pleasuring another person is better than receiving.
5. I cum most often from clitoral stimulation, especially after a good red bottom spanking.
6. I've only had sex with people I've dated for a year or more (exceptions are Kevin and the only other couple my husband and I have swapped with).
7. Andrew gave me my first "holy shit" orgasm. It was a combination of getting tied up to the door and spanked before getting let down for a more intimate spanking combined with clitoral stimulation.
8. My favorite shooter is a pineapple-upside-down cake shot and my favorite shot is tequila.
9. My nipples are pierced and so are my ears, but I have no tattoos.
10. "Exit to Eden" is by far the most erotic book I have ever read...and if you have an inkling of interest in BDSM play I highly recommend it.


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