Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Naughty Schoolgirl Spanking

This is an expanded and edited version of my spanking scene with my husband Andrew from my highlights posted on Melissa and Kevin's blog.

Week of October 14th

Kevin (who is 1/2 of a fantastic couple that my husband and I have been swinging with) and I had been texting back and forth frequently that week, getting to know each other better since its key for Andrew and I to be friends with people we swing with. After I asked if we could engage in some deviant conversation, our discussions became a bit more sexual. Eventually this led us to begin a storytelling game where Kevin would send a text or three and I would respond with the next part of the scene (which may be featured as another post in the future). Our storytelling was a bit drawn out and had yet to reach its finish when Kevin  and I met up at a networking event on the Thursday of that week. I had planned to go for work, while he met up with me while his boss thought he was at the dentist.  It was a lot of fun to hang out in a nonsexual capacity, but my favorite part of this day happened with my husband when I got home.

From all the imagery we had been detailing from our story, I was very aroused at the idea of being spanked and dominated, but my husband and I have a rule that he has the right to do something with me before anyone else. Based on those deviant conversations, Andrew and I began discussing doing a roleplay in the future. We'd never actually fully committed ourselves to role playing past costume play. Usually I'd just put on my sexy school girl outfit and get spanked with a variety of implements before engaging in sex. There was never dialogue or plot, just a horny wife in a plaid skirt getting spanked, which is quite fabulous.

After hanging out with Kevin for the day, I came home to my wonderful, plotting husband. He verbally laid out a plan for the evening's events, reminding me I best follow his specific instructions or my punishment would increase. We then went about our usually evening activities of cleaning, watching a bit of tv and enjoying dinner. We finished dinner and I took a  shower, soaping up my body so I'd be squeaky clean. I shaved up my naughty parts nice and smooth. Getting out of the shower I donned my plaid skirt, white cotton undies and white button up shirt- no bra. I put my brunette hair up in pigtails and layered on some flirty lip gloss. 

The scene started when I brought Andrew, my "professor", a paper I had written and received a D- on. The scene revolved around my begging for a better grade in order to keep my scholarship and accepting whatever my professor deemed necessary punishment for my lazy paper writing. 

I knocked on our bedroom door, his "study," with my D- paper in my hand. Andrew is propped up on our bed reading a Michael Chrichton novel, dress shirt rolled up to his elbows, looking every bit the part of a professor relaxing after a hard day dealing with brats like me.  He looks at me with annoyance (and a bit of a smile....almost breaking character) and asks, "What did you need?"

I look at him and tilt my head to the side so my pigtails swing. "I needed to talk to you about my paper."

He raises an eyebrow at me and asked why, siting that it was fairly graded. I respond with a sex smile and tell him I'd do anything to keep my scholarship. "Anything?" he quips, laying his book down on the night stand and swinging his legs off the queen sized bed. 

Earlier in the evening he had sat out some implements for me to chose from. After telling me that a naughty, lazy girl like me needed to be spanked  he instructed me to go pick out 3 implements and place them on the bed. I chose a thin rod, a ping pong paddle and his homemade 10" flogger.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Andrew had me lie across his lap so he could warm me up with his strong hand. Draped over his knee my skirt didn't quite cover my bottom anymore and my white undies peeked out. He began spanking my ass cheeks methodically, stopping only to flip my skirt up. My ass began to grow warm and the spanking was harder than anything I'd gotten in awhile. I began to wriggle and squirm as he lectures me while spanking the left, then the right, back and forth, volleying between ass cheeks. I try to protest the abuse, telling him to stop and that it hurt, but he told me I was probably too busy sucking cock to write a paper and that a naughty girl like me deserved to be spanked.

An ottoman was set up next to the side of the bed and I was made to kneel on the ottoman with my face into the bed and my ass up for punishment. By this time I was already wet with excitement and was ready for a few swats with the implements and some very satisfying sex. Andrew had other plans.

Bent over he pulled my undies down underneath my ass, exposing my rosy cheeks. He picked up first one implement, then another. The thin rod deliciously bit into my tender bottom and I squeaked upon contact. The flogger would alternate between stinging blows and pleasurable caresses. The paddle's sting was more than I expected and I cried out repeatedly until he made me bit down on the handle of the flogger, warning me that if I dropped it he'd get the fraternity paddle, a heavy wooden paddle that packs a punch. My ass is on fire and even though I know its going to hurt the next day I'm enjoying every moment of pleasurable pain. He concentrated on hitting my sweet spot. Over and over again he brings it down on my ass, not using his whole strength, but delivering enough blows at a frequent pace to leave a nice set of bruises.

Andrew then removed his belt, making this scene more personal. A man removing his belt is an act of dominance and has a very tangible sex appeal to me, especially when I'm bent over, exposed and submissive to his every command. He wraps the buckle end around his hand to shorten the strap and places his free hand on my lower back. He then delivers stinging blows that have me crying out through my clenched teeth and tears welling up in my eyes. He looks at me and says "I love you" before abandoning the belt to return to some hand spanking.

The build up for this evening was a combined effort of my conversations with Andrew and my texts with Kevin. I was so ready to have my husband inside me, but we had committed to finishing the roleplay in character. He made me beg for him to fuck me, calling me a little slut with my skirt hiked up and my undies around my ankles. I'm not into humiliation or name-calling as a rule, but once you assume the role of a naughty, slutty schoolgirl it all just enhances the scene. Feeling exposed and vulnerable bent over an ottoman, Andrew finally fills me, satisfying me to my core. 

Playing with my clit and spanking my ass as he's thrusting, he made me beg permission for my orgasm. After telling me, "Cum." I moaned and came all over his cock- one of my best orgasms ever.

 My ass near the end of the punishment. 

Hope you enjoy my story. Feel free to comment and give suggestions to our next scene! We're always open to new ideas.



  1. Wonderful story, Gabby, and a beautiful photo to go with it! Welcome to the blogging world and I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

  2. Thank you for the kudos! My husband and I are enjoying the blogging community so far and our adventures should keep you entertained...especially if you like our genre so far.

  3. Welcome to the blogging community and thanks your sharing your story. Sounds like you enjoyed it and I will be back to read more. Just found your blog on Bonnie's site.