Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Our Lurkers

Today is Love Our Lurkers Day V started by Bonnie. The whole point is to invite lurkers to come out of the shadows, sign up and start commenting on the blogs.

As a newbie to the blogging world this is an awesome idea and although we don't have thousands of readers everyday like some of the other wonderful people we've talked to thus far, we do have quite a few "lurkers" that check out our blog, but leave without a comment. Comments will help me (and my husband) improve our content and motivate us to keep posting.

Although we created this blog for ourselves after inspiration from our sexy, swinging partners Kevin + Melissa who let us guest post on their blog, we'd LOVE to hear from all those people that get a kick out of our content. It makes it seem more exhibitionist too, which we also enjoy.

So if you are a lurker, consider signing up and making comments. Even if you are shy about commenting, just say something like thanks for sharing or Iyour picture is sexy. It shows the blogger that you care enough to make leave a comment.

Thanks Bonnie for this wonderful idea!

- Gabby


  1. Not a lurker, but a first-time visitor here!

    I like what I see :)
    Have added you to my link list!


  2. Same here I'm not a lurker but this is my first time here. Happy LOL day

  3. Hi Gabby and Andrew,

    Happy LOL day! I have enjoyed my visit here.


  4. First time here too...and it is wonderful!!

    please keep sharing.

  5. Never seen this blog before, I'll have to come back. Happy LOL day.


  6. Thanks everyone! We'll have to have a Follow our Fans day too in appreciation of everyone who stops by and comments.

    Plus by commenting, we can now discover your blogs too.


  7. Hi, Gabby and Andrew! You're blog is looking great. Happy LOL!

  8. Hi G&A,

    Thanks for joining in our LOL Day celebration. I hope you had fun meeting everyone.


  9. Hi G&A, I'm a little late but I've just discovered your blog on Chross' link list. It looks great! Can't wait to read all of your posts.


  10. Hi G&A, I love the blog, cant wait for more sexy stories and erotic pix.